Gain the theoretical understanding and practical coaching skills to work with young athletes as a Youth Strength & Conditioning Coach.

EPI is delighted to bring you our Youth Strength Conditioning Seminar which will provide you with the best evidence-based practice for increasing young athletes’ coordination, movement skills, speed, strength and endurance in a safe manner. This x2 day seminar provides the learner with the knowledge to help train youths aged 6 to 18.

The training programs and exercises provided take into consideration critical factors such as a child’s developmental stage, peak height velocity (PHV), motor functioning and gender-specific considerations to ensure development and growth are not hindered in any manner. Regardless of the sport, our Youth Strength & Conditioining Seminar will provide you with ready-to-use programs for both short-term and long-term athlete development.

Seminar Duration: 2 Day

Seminar Fee: €325

Early Bird: €275

Who Can Register:

  • Sports Coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Sport Scientists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Physiotherapists
  • PE Teachers

Seminar Registration: See options and locations below

Seminar Content:

  • Youth physical development model (YPDM) 
  • Peak height velocity (PHV) 
  • Speed, multi-directional movement and agility
  • Integration of speed & agility games
  • Session planning in line with YPDM
  • Strength development: fundamental movement patterns
  • Power development: jumping, landing and rebound mechanics
  • Energy system development (ESD) games for youth athletes
  • Building the youth development curriculum: medium to long term planning

Seminar Timetable:  

Click here: Youth S&C Course Timetable

Participants Receive:

  1. Youth Strength & Conditioning Manual
  2. Youth Strength & Conditioning Certificate

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