Ramey Adams

S&C Coach & Course Tutor

Ramey Adams is a domestic and international course tutor. Ramey is a former GB and Northern Ireland 800m runner. During his Track & Field career, he was a NI Sport Institute athlete and 800m record holder. In addition to his sporting career, Ramey is also an experienced coach and educator. He graduated with a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science and progressed onto a PGCE in Physical Education.

He is currently a British Athletics Coach and lead tutor with Northern Ireland Athletics education courses. He has worked extensively with Northern Ireland track athletes, Irish Premiership champions Crusaders and is now gaining valuable experience in professional Rugby with Ulster Rugby.

Ramey brings a wealth of knowledge to EPI education courses in speed, ESD, plyometrics, program design and periodisation.

Coaching Skills

  • Speed & agility
  • Energy system development (ESD)
  • Strength & power
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Program design
  • Periodisation models