Learn elite coaching methods for Football Performance with former Manchester United player and Sunderland AFC Head of Strength & Conditioning, Michael Clegg.

EPI is delighted to bring you a Football Performance Seminar which will focus on the science and coaching of elite football players. After 8 years of playing first team football at Manchester Utd FC and 10 years at Sunderland AFC as Head of Strength & Conditioning, Michael Clegg will take you through his systems and coaching methods for football performance.

During this one day seminar we will explore the needs analysis and performance determinants for football performance. From both a theoretical and practical perspective, the goal is to provide the participant with an in-depth understanding of a system that enhances athletic development in Football. The seminar focuses on three key components of fitness; Strength & Power, Speed and Fitness.

Seminar Duration: 1 Day

Seminar Fee: €175 

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Seminar Content:

  • Scientific approach to Soccer fitness
  • Strength & power development in players
  • Injury prevention
  • Speed & agility in football
  • Energy system development (ESD)
  • Program design for gym and pitch based sessions
  • Periodisation strategies for football performance

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