cian-healy-3042013-2-333x500Cian Healy (British & Irish Lions, Ireland, Leinster Rugby)

Karl Gilligan was my Strength & Conditioning coach with Ireland U-19 and Leinster Rugby. During that time, he paid specific attention to detail to enhance my strength & power but also on my recovery to help maintain my performance levels. Strength/Power/Speed were his strengths and his sessions were always world class. I am thankful to him for being part of my physical development as a player.


62858Keith Earls (British & Irish Lions, Ireland, Munster Rugby)

Karl Gilligan was my Strength & Conditioning with Ireland U-19 at the World Cup. Having played against Karl at club level, he knows the demands of the game and the type of training needed for players to perform. He was extremely up to date with new recovery techniques, systems of training and methods to enhance performance. His sessions were always very enjoyable and you felt you were improving every time you trained with him.


503Paul O’Connell (British & Irish Lions, Ireland, Munster Rugby)

Mike McGurn was my Strength & Conditioning coach from 2002-07. During that time I always felt I was getting the best, most up to date and innovative coaching I could get. He could always get the best out of me in training and he was able to train me in such a way that it was reproduced in the field – the most important reason anyone trains. We are now firm friends and I would recommend him to anyone looking for the best Strength & Conditioning coaching they can get.


eoinlargeEoin Rheinisch (Canoe Slalom – Triple Olympian, World Cup Gold Medalist)

Karl Gilligan was my Strength & Conditioning coach from 2006 through to when I retired after the London Olympics 2012. During this time Karl has always delivered results for me. His training programs are tailored to match the specific demands of my sport, while having enough variation to keep me challenged and motivated. Karl was always extremely professional and under his guidance I felt like I always had an important edge over my competitors. We are still good friends today and I would recommend EPI Strength & Conditioning courses to any aspiring S&C coach/trainer.


sp-vuk-radivojevicVuk Radivojevic (Serbian International Basketball Player, Slask Wroclaw)

Bartek Bibrowicz is my Strength & Conditioning coach with Slask Wroclaw. I have been a professional Basketball player for over 10 years now and during that time I have played in many leagues in Europe. I can honestly say that Bart has been the best S&C Coach I have worked with during that time. He understands the demands of the game and training methods he uses to ensure that I am improving as an athlete whilst staying injury free. Thanks to Bart, I am now injury free and playing some of the best Basketball of my career.


218135_220889697921917_6852614_nCole Hairston (S&C Coach)

I heard about EPI’s NCSC Course through a recommendation from a colleague. I decided to take the course as the feedback was extremely positive. It is internationally accredited by all the leading awarding bodies and the tutors are extremely experienced. I was really surprised by the level of content they delivered on each day, all lectures were supported by research based evidence and the practical sessions were very systematic. I believe EPI is an extremely strong brand and will soon become the global leaders in the field of Strength & Conditioning education.


3905dbdGoran Kirov (S&C Coach)

I traveled to Poland in June 2015 to complete EPI’s NCSC Course after being recommended the course from a coach in Macedonia. The course was extremely professional, all lectures were research based and their practical sessions were very systematic. Having played International Soccer for Macedonia and with clubs in Croatia and USA, I can honestly say EPI’s coaches are world class. This is an essential course for any fitness trainer or S&C coach who wants to work with any sports team or athlete.