Strength & Conditioning Internship Program (SCIP)

11402926_987042617997316_382963694713206144_oElite Performance Institute’s (EPI) Strength & Conditioning Internship Program (SCIP) is a fast track S&C coach development initiative intended to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to work in elite sport. It is the first of its kind in both Republic and Northern Ireland, an internship which provides world class mentoring as well as an internationally recognized professional qualification in strength & conditioning. The SCIP is aimed at sport scientists, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers and coaches.

Work Placement

Based in Queens Sport Belfast (QUB), you will gain work experience with all of Queens University Belfast (QUB) elite level athletes. These include QUB’s Sigerson GAA team, AIL Rugby team, Hockey team, Soccer team, Rowing team and Athletics team. It is during this period where you will work alongside and be mentored by a world class S&C coach, Mike McGurn. Interns will get the opportunity to observe and facilitate Mike’s sessions, and then progress onto leading and coaching S&C sessions with the various teams and athletes from QUB. Interns will also gain exposure to different aspects of the industry including performance S&C coaching, athlete rehabilitation, individualized S&C programming for various sports, periodisation, nutrition and recovery strategies for sports performance. Throughout every step of the internship, Mike McGurn will be on hand to guide you and provide you with the most up to date, scientifically proven, application based training available.

Mike_McGurnS&C Professional Education

As part of your SCIP, you will look to attain your National Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (NCSC), the leading S&C CPD course for fitness professionals. To see full NCSC course details, please click here.

Coach Opportunity

This is a fantastic opportunity for successful candidates to:

  • Attain an internationally recognized qualification in Strength & Conditioning
  • Work alongside and learn from a world class strength & conditioning coach
  • Develop technical and practical skills through working with elite athletes from a variety of sports
  • Learn to plan, prepare, lead and deliver world class S&C services to various athletes from different sports
  • Enhance your CV through work experience and a professional certificate in strength & conditioning
  • Attain a reference from your mentor enhancing your future employability (subject to candidates performance level on work experience)

Strength & Conditioning Internship Programme (SCIP) Prospectus

Please click on the link to download the SCIP Prospectus 2014

SCIP Structure

Each successful candidate will undertake the coach education programme by completing their National Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (NCSC) qualification. Once this is completed, they will then commence their work experience. For the first month, they will observe, facilitate and assist all sessions delivered by Mike McGurn. It is during this period, where you will learn how to plan and prepare a session, observe coaching feedback and progression of movement skills from one session to the next. In the final four weeks of the SCIP, you will be expected to deliver and lead sessions as directed by Mike McGurn with all levels of athletes.

10847396_936857673015811_214679199149149755_oApplication, Qualifications and Requirements
To apply:

  • Please email with your most up to date CV
  • Successful applicants will then be asked to interview for SCIP placement.
  • Subject to interview performance, applicants will then be notified whether they have been accepted onto the SCIP

Qualifications & Requirements:

  1. You must have completed or are currently enrolled in a Sport Science/Exercise Science/Physiotherapy course
  2. You must be a qualified personal trainer or fitness instructor
  3. You must be currently involved in sport or have participated to an elite level
  4. Knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology and nutrition are essential
  5. Must be able to commit to 6-8 hours of weekly S&C session time with your mentor


Fees can be paid in full, or in manageable instalments throughout the SCIP four month duration. Course fees are inclusive of your NCSC course, materials, manuals, mentoring and exams.

Full payment: €2, 650

Installment option: €2, 800
(deposit of €1,000 followed by x3 installments of €600 throughout the duration of the SCIP programme)

Once a SCIP candidate has been selected and fees have been paid, refunds are not permitted.

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