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S&C Training Camp – Poland

Training Camp Fees: €375

Early Bird Fees: €275

Training Camp Duration: 2 days

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Product Description

EPI Strength & Conditioning Camps will take your understanding of fitness and performance to an elite level! Over the course of this two day intensive Camp, you will be assessed and trained using EPI’s systems of training for elite performance.

EPI Head Coaches will show you how to develop your strength & power, build muscle mass and develop your energy systems for increased work capacity. Each participant will have their fitness levels assessed using EPI’s testing protocols followed by x5 training sessions to build strength & power, hypertrophy and fitness levels. EPI will also provide participants with an overview of our unique Strength & Conditioning program design system as well as x3 months of S&C programs to take away.

The EPI Strength & Conditioning Camp is the best way to experience the EPI Coaching System and to receive coaching from our elite team of International Coaches.

EPI Strength & Conditioning Camp will involve:

  1. Performance fitness testing
  2. Strength & power sessions
  3. Hypertrophy sessions
  4. Energy system development (ESD) sessions
  5. Recovery sessions
  6. Post-training nutritional support

 EPI Strength & Conditioning Training Camp Schedule:

Click here: Phase 1 Course Timetable PDF-Icon

Participants Receive:

  1. Performance fitness testing results
  2. x2 days of elite Strength & Conditioning training
  3. x3 months of EPI training programs in a manual format

 Performance Partners:

Sports Nutrition Partner: Weron

Sports Clothing Provider: Under Armour

Equipment Provider: Matmarco

Training Camp Facility:

Training Facility: Vera Sport, Lodz, Poland


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