Recovery Strategies for Sports Performance


With every year of professionalism in sport, coaching and technological advances have ensured athletes improve year on year. Such is the quality and organisation of most professional training environments,  athletes only need to focus on training, recovery and performing in competition. With elevated performance levels, athletes and coaches are continually seeking an advantage that may […]

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Lactic Acid: Friend or Foe?


For decades the main culprit of fatigue and the thorn in the side of many athletes was a foe called lactic acid. It has been called a waste product of anaerobic metabolism and has been believed to be responsible for the uncomfortable “burn” of intense exercise and directly responsible for the metabolic acidosis of exercise, leading […]

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Max Velocity Sprint Mechanics


Sprinting is a complex skill orientated task that places a high neuromuscular demand on any athlete  and requires high levels of coordinated movement and appropriate sequencing of muscle activations to perform at peak levels. As coaches, we should be aware that acceleration and max velocity sprinting are interlinked but also independently performed movements. This article […]

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Movement Compensation Screen (MCS)


Movement screening is a critical part of preventing injury in athletic population groups. The Movement Compensation Screen (MCS) is a valid clinial assessment tool that can reliably assess players in real-time who may be at risk of injury. Coaches/trainers/healthcare practitioners can now use the screen to assess their athletes/players/clients movement competency in biliateral, unilateral and […]

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