About Us

About UsWelcome to Elite Performance Institute (EPI), the leader in Strength & Conditioning certification courses for fitness professionals. Our Strength & Conditioning courses are aimed at qualified fitness professionals/Sport Scientists/Physiotherapists and Sports Coaches.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Karl Gilligan, EPI initially provided Strength & Conditioning services to teams, individual athletes and players at various levels from club level through to Professional and Olympic level. Since 2012, EPI has been delivering it’s National Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (NCSC) education program with over 1, 800 coaches becoming professionally certified domestically and internationally.

We are exceptionally grateful and honoured to meet so many amazing athletes, coaches, organizations and people each year we deliver our courses and we look forward to sharing with you our EPI system through our NCSC education program.


Our mission is for EPI’s NCSC Course to become the global leader in Professional Strength & Conditioning Certification for fitness professionals. Our systems of training and methodologies used to enhance sports performance are researched based, scientifically driven and supported by years of experience in the field at the elite level. We would like to share this knowledge and experience with the next generation of Strength & Conditioning coaches looking to work in the field.

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